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Healthy Heart Month On the auspicious occasion of World Heart Day, we are delighted to announce the commencement of Healthy Heart Month. Throughout September month, we are dedicated to promoting cardiovascular health in our community. As part of our initiative, we are offering free essential tests, Daily Basis .. from 1st Sept to 30th Sept 2023. Lipid Profile, RBS (Random Blood Sugar), and ECG (Electrocardiogram) for first 10 patients, HBA1c for first 5 Patients, Pediatric 2D Echo in Only 500 Rs for first 5 Patients. Adult 2D Echo in Only 500 Rs for the first 5 Patients. Angiography in Only 5000 Rs for first 3 Registered Patients and Angioplasty at Govt Approved rates.. For Poor Patients Angioplasty under MJPJAY scheme by Dr Niraj Raghani at Pulse Hospital And PDMMC College. to ensure your heart's well-being. The best part is, the registration fee for these tests is just 100 Rs, making it accessible to all. Let's prioritize our heart health together and take advantage of this opportunity to safeguard our most vital organ. Your heart matters, and so does your health! Details
Free OPD Checkup Zenith Heart And Multispeciality Hospital is going to Organise Free OPD Checkup For Poor and Needy Patients on 2nd and 4th Thursday of Every month Note- Take Prior Appointment Before Coming to Zenith Hospital Thank You Details